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Usk Reservoir

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The Usk reservoir can be found in the upper reaches of the  Usk river valley. This beautiful upland reservoir at 1050 feet above sea level and covering some 280 acres is situated just off the minor road between Trecastle and Llanddeusant 7 miles W of Sennybridge.  It is the most recent reservoir in the national park and was completed in 1955. It is one of the remotest parts of the Brecon Beacons National Park and offers fine views of a broad escarpment of the Carmarthen Fans. The reservoir is surrounded by a large areas of coniferous economic forestry which are largely impenetrable. Under the European Union Habitats Directive certain major rivers including the Usk and Wye qualify in their own right as Special Area's of Conservation.

There are a number of public footpaths and cycling routes  in the vicinity of the reservoir that offer an opportunity to get away from crowded routes such as the Beacons Horseshoe. Map and Navigation skills required plus suitable footwear and clothing, etc. There is a route around the reservoir. Common wildfowl and woodland birds are found here. The surrounds of the Usk  reservoir contain a varied range of flora and fauna. Red Kite frequent the area and the Marsh Fritillary butterfly can be found here.

The small market town of Llandovery, with its craft shops and Llandovery Heritage Centre run by the National Park Authority is only some 8 or 9 miles distant. The circular that passes near to the Usk reservoir from Trecastle to Llanddeusant onto Llangadog then  Llandovery is one of the most scenic in the National Park offering stunning views  of the Black Mountain and the river valleys of the  Towy and the Sawdde. It should be noted that this route and the the roads leading to and in the vicinity of the Usk reservoir are primarily single track and require careful driving. It is the policy of the National Park Authority to conserve the quiet character of these roads.

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 The Free Car park has wheelchair access to a picnic area, assistance will be required. Taking care to be visible to vehicle traffic a section of the metalled road that traverses the western edge of the reservoir is probably useable by wheel chairs though not specifically designated for such use.  The able-bodied can walk around reservoir. Basic toilets. Good access for disabled anglers. Contact  Glas Cymru on 01495 769281 for the latest information on recreational facilities at this reservoir.

The Usk reservoir is only a few miles downstream of the source of the River Usk below Fan Foel on the Black Mountain. It has a reputation as one of the finest trout fisheries in Wales. The natural brown trout are supplemented by regular restocking of brown and rainbow trout. It is a secluded quiet location where several sections of the reservoir bank are not far from the perimeter road. Fly fishing, spinning and worming are currently permitted. The upland location of the reservoir leaves it exposed to the wind which may cause some problems for fly fishermen. 

Season March to October from 7am ending sometime between 18.30pm and 21.00pm.  Day tickets available from dispenser located in a small hut on the bank at the western side of the dam wall. (1 coins required). Permission required to use a boat on the lake. 

  • Please contact  Glas Cymru on 01495 769281 for the latest information on recreational facilities at this reservoir which are subject to change.

  • Fishing at Usk Reservoir excellent source of information of fishing locality.

Canoeing is available throughout the year. Groups are charged and must have prior permission. 
Please contact Glas Cymru  on 01495 769281.


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