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Henrhyd Waterfall
in the Brecon Beacons National Park

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This spectacular and beautiful waterfall has an unbroken drop off approximately 90 ft. Henrhyd Waterfall - some idea of the height of the waterfall can be assessed by noting the size of the people standing at the bottom of the waterfall on the right.It is therefore the highest waterfall in the Brecon Beacons National National Park. It may not compare with the Angel Falls of Venezuela for height or Niagara for sheer size and grandeur but it is certainly their equivalent if measured in terms of sheer aesthetic beauty. The waterfall is owned and managed  for the nation by the National  Trust.

Henrhyd Waterfall is located in a deep wooded gorge which is accessible only by walking down a very steep footpath. The walk takes you through a deciduous woodland of Oak and Ash. A foot bridge across the river Nant Llech at the bottom of the gorge leads to a path which takes you closer to the waterfall itself. Particular care should be taken as you near the water fall because the footpath becomes narrow, the surface is more uneven and is often wet and slippery from the spray from the waterfall. It is possible to make your way along a narrow, stony and uneven path behind the waterfall and onto a wet rocky ledge but this is not advisable on safety grounds. If you have children with you then especial care should be taken to supervise them throughout this walk. It should be noted that this footpath is the only safe way down to the waterfall and is therefore the only safe return route back from the waterfall.

Anyone with a medical condition should pay particular attention to the fact that this is the only return route and is a very steep climb.

A small unattended National Trust car park can be found aHenrhyd Waterfall is the highest waterfall  in the Brecon Beacons National Park with a drop of about 90ft. It is ownded by the National Trustt the top of this footpath. The Henrhyd waterfall is located on the southern edge of the National Park where the rural area meets the old industrial valleys of South Wales. This area was once part of the first industrial revolution and changed the face of South Wales. The last remaining working coal mine in Wales is a located less than 10 miles from here - Tower colliery at Hirwaun. At one time the valley's of South Wales  had hundreds of coal mines employing thousands of people and producing millions of tonnes of coal which was exported worldwide. It should be noted that a thin seam of coal outcrops in the cliff face near this waterfall.

The Henrhyd Waterfall is located on a minor road just  outside the village of Coelbren. Coelbren is located on the A4221 between Glynneath and Abercrave. The waterfall can be found on a minor road at the edge of the village. It is advisable to make enquiries on reaching Coelbren. Drive through  the village of Coelbren and on reaching a T junction cross over the river bridge. A short distance further along a narrow road is the free car park. The car park is located at the top of the footpath leading to Henrhyd Waterfall at Ordnance survey reference SN 854122 . Waterfall Country



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