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National Park Warden leading a walk in Llanthony ValleyBrecon Beacons National Park Guided Walks Programme 
Brecon Beacons Park Society   
Most challenging Walks Programme in the Brecon Beacons and probably the best in the UK check it out.

Walking for Health:


Ramblers Groups Walks Programmes:

Ramblers Association Fact Sheets:
In 1935 Rambling Groups across the United Kingdom joined together to form a new National Association to promote access to the countryside and the enjoyment of walking. The original membership of 1200 individuals and 300 groups has grown to over 117,000 individuals and a network of 53 areas running some 400 groups. Walking has become the number one leisure time activity for adults in the United Kingdom and is enjoyed on a regular basis by approximately 20 million people. The Ramblers Association played

Walking in Britain 

Beginning Walking

Walking Facts & Figures

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Summits in the Brecon Beacons

Summits in Fforest Fawr

Summits in Mynydd Ddu

Summits in the Black Mountains

Summits in the South Wales Valleys


Challenge Walks and Long Distance Walkers Association:  

Challenge Events in the Brecon Beacons:

An organised event involving significant numbers of people in countryside recreation such as a sponsored walk is subject to careful consideration under the terms of the 1995 Environment Act.  A National Park Authority has a duty to promote enjoyment of the countryside and this may include sporting and challenge events. However, if it is considered that an event could prove damaging to the environment than the requirements of conservation take priority over recreation. Where an event will take place in part or whole on land owned by the National Park Authority (or another statutory body which is bound to consider the requirements of the 1995 Act such as a local authority or the Countryside Council for Wales) then permission will be required to hold the event. Permission is of course also required from private landowners. Any organisation thinking of organising such an event should contact the National Park Authority at an early stage in the planning and seek advice as to the best way to organise such an event so that it will fit in with the guidelines (details available from the BBNPA) thus increasing likelihood of permission being granted.


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